Intergalactic Space Babes – Claudia Christian

Claudia Christian is rightly worshipped for her portrayal of Lt. Cmdr. Susan Invanova, the hot headed, Russian, Jewish, bisexual, latent telepathic heart of Babylon 5.

But I’ve always thought that the real reason Claudia Christian has become such a cult favourite is not just down to her acting ability, charisma, or even her knock-out good looks.

No. Something else is at work here. Something that, for want of a better word, I’ve decided to call:


Claudia is the kind of actor who doesn’t merely roll up to a Sci Fi convention, collect her fee, scribble a few overpriced autographs, then disappear into the Green Room, never to be seen again.

Oh, no …

Claudia is the kind of actor who throws her own convention – a convention that puts the fans first. With an after party in a pub. Then it’s all back to her flat for a Tex Mex meal – cooked by her own fair hand.

Click here for more info about Claudia Con UK which is running 13 & 14 Aug in London (end of civilisation permitting).

Meanwhile, what better way to celebrate Claudia’s birthday than take another look at possibly the best sex scene in TV Sci Fi ever …


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2 Responses to Intergalactic Space Babes – Claudia Christian

  1. BC Johnson says:

    Tell me about your portfolio!!
    Lie to me about your family!!


  2. gracefully75 says:

    that’s one of the reason why many “geeks” choose to stay home and watch these series rather than to play outside 🙂

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