Intergalactic Space Babes – Jennifer Hetrick

A lot of people HATE the Star Trek (TNG) episodes ‘Captain’s Holiday’ and ‘Qpid’. Take these remarks from the usually reliable Jammer’s Reviews:

The weak and boring ‘Captain’s Holiday’ can’t release itself from its sci-fi machinations long enough to be a fun romp. Meanwhile, the sci-fi machinations are too perfunctory (and absurd) to be taken the least bit seriously on their own.

and …

Qpid’ is stupid (even dumber than that rhyme) — amazingly even worse than “Captain’s Holiday,” featuring an even more transparent sense of going through the clunky motions of laborious action/comedy. About a minute after Q snapped his fingers and sent the entire crew into Sherwood Forest, I was ready to check out.


Both episodes are great fun, and break up the standard Star Trek alien of the week format nicely. More importantly, both episodes star the gorgeous Jennifer Hetrick as Vash – love interest for dusty old Captain Jean Luc Picard.

As Worf says:

Nice legs … for a human …

Couldn’t have put it better myself.

Apparently, the ‘Captain’s Holiday’ story grew out of Patrick Stewart’s desire for more’sex and shooting’. Presumably for Picard, not for himself. According to script writer Ira Steven Behr, the character of Vash ‘was an attempt to bring in a ballsy woman who’s not your typical Star Trek woman, a clear thinker both in terms of what she did in her own life and sex and the whole bit.’

Whatever the backstory, Jennifer Hetrick nailed the character perfectly with an irresistable lightness of touch, and arch sexuality. After Qpid she recreated the character just once more in the Deep Space Nine episode Q-Less, which even I admit didn’t work, before leaving the Trek universe to guest on Diagnosis Murder, LA Law, X Files, and Alias, among many more.

Today is Jennifer’s 53rd birthday. Many happy returns you beautiful, unethical space archeologist you. Why don’t I ever meet girls like you on holiday? Must be hanging out on the wrong planets …


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