Intergalactic Space Babes – Gabrielle Drake

Imagine this.

It’s the 1980s. The Earth is being attacked by Aliens from a dying planet.

Whaddaya gonna do?

Well, naturally one of the first things you do is establish a base on the Moon staffed by voluptuous intergalactic space babes in purple wigs and silver mini skirts so short they’d make a Charlie Sheen wifelet blush.

Remarkably, as a defence ploy it seems to do the job, at least in the mad world of early 70s cult TV show, UFO. And why wouldn’t it? Especially with the divine Gabrielle Drake in command, playing Lt. Gay Ellis.

Despite the daft premise, Gerry & Sylvia ‘Thunderbirds’ Anderson’s first live action TV show features remarkably adult themes, from work stress to adultery, drug use, and child death.

And like all my Intergalactic Space Babes, Gabrielle is a damn fine actor, as well as being able to knock my NASA issue space socks off in the WOW department. She is of course also the sister of the late cult singer-songwriter Nick Drake.

So Happy Birthday Gabrielle, and thanks for creating my life-long purple wig problem. Meanwhile, check out the amazing UFO theme, as featured in one of my favourite Microfilums.


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