Intergalactic Space Babes – Jeri Ryan

Is your Sci Fi franchise ailing? Got a problem with declining ratings? No problem. Simply squeeze a 36D-25-36 half-Borg/half-Goddess into a spandex jump suit, and voila, no one will give a damn about what they’re watching.

Actually, it’s a little more complicated than that. First off, Jeri Ryan proved herself on Star Trek Voyager to be a damn fine actress, who doesn’t simply rely on ‘the Girls’ (her own nickname). She nailed the part of Seven of Nine, and in the process helped to buy Voyager four more seasons.

And what an interesting life she’s led. Born 22 Feb 1968, in Germany, to a Master Sergeant in the US Army, she tried modeling then moved to LA, winning small parts in shows like Diagnosis Murder and Matlock, before catching the eye in Dark Skies.

In 1991 she married future Republican candidate Jack Ryan. The couple had a son, but divorced in ’99. The reasons behind the divorce remained private, as the relevant documents were sealed. However, in 2003, when Jack Ryan began to campaign for a Senate seat, the media began sniffing around, and in 2004 a Los Angeles Superior Court Judge released files which revealed that on three separate occasions Jack Ryan insisted Jeri accompany him to sex clubs in New York, New Orleans, and Paris, featuring ‘cages, whips and other apparatus’. He also asked her to have sex with him ‘with another couple watching’. See the full gory details here.

Needless, to say Jack Ryan was forced to withdraw his candidacy, and his little known Democrat opponent, some loser called Barack Obama, won the seat.

Later, Jeri dated chief Voyager writer and producer Brannon Braga, only to be stalked by a madman who threatened to assault her and torture Braga. Thankfully, Jeri’s life has been much happier since. As well as starring in Boston Legal, Shark, and Psych, Jeri is now married to French chef Christophe Eme, and recently gave birth to a second child.

Happy birthday Jeri, my number one intergalactic space babe. You could have had me. Why on earth would you chose a drop dead gorgeous, super talented, French masterchef instead? Meanwhile, here’s a good interview with Jeri & co about the whole Seven of Nine phenomenon.


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