Intergalactic Space Babes – Jenna Stannis

As she makes clear on the DVD audio commentary for the first series of Blakes 7, actress Sally Knyvette didn’t think much of her acting ability back in the 1970s:

‘I shudder how I used to work on those scripts. I mean, I just used to say the lines. I didn’t think about them enough. It was just horrific. But I didn’t know very much in those days …’

I disagree. Frankly, I can think of no one else I’d rather see play the dashing pilot/smuggler Jenna Stanis. Producer David Maloney – sadly, no longer with us – deserves great credit for spotting Knyvette in an adaptation of ‘Who Pays the Ferryman’ and persuading her to take the role, which 30 odd years later remains her most famous.

However, after two series Sally left the Dirty Dozen (minus five) in Space. It is a mark of precisely how good she actually was that Blakes 7 was never the same after she left.

Post intergalactic space pirate Sally studied for an English degree, starred in everything from ‘The Professionals’ to ‘Emmerdale Farm’, and now mixes acting with directing and teaching drama – apt give how insecure she says she was when she first hit our screens.

Today, 9 Feb, is her birthday. Many happy returns, Sally. For me, you always had it. You always will.

Meanwhile, check out this clip of Jenna Stannis in full big hair Federation fightin’ glory:


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