William Shatner’s Wig

Try Googling ‘does william shatner wear a toupee’. By the time you type the second ‘i’ of ‘William’ Google has predicted your question.

The search also throws up this hilarious blog ‘Shatner’s Toupee’ dedicated to all things wiggy.

Toupological topics covered include: ‘The toupee and Blu-ray’, the importance of the shift from Shatner’s ‘Lost Years’ wig style to the ‘TJ Curly’, and Shatner’s toupee in pop-culture.

It’s well worth checking out, and, in my humble opinion, what blogging is all about.

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3 Responses to William Shatner’s Wig

  1. Tim White says:

    And then there’s Shatner’s Bassoon…

  2. Vichy says:

    Pah, all empty speculation. I thought Kirk’s hair looked perfectly real until the later movies. If it was a toupee it was a damn good one.

  3. Samun Sanotshi says:

    William Shatner’s wig is so much better than Donald Trump’s! Donald combs his leftover long hair front and then spray and flip it back over his toupee!

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