Intergalactic Space Babes – Jacqueline Pearce

This year I’m writing an occasional series of essays celebrating the girls who have rocked my world … and beyond. The idea is to publish each piece on the actresses’ birthday.

Now, Jacqueline Pearce’s next birthday isn’t until 20th December, but then Blakes 7’s Supreme Space Bitch never waited for anyone or anything, not even time itself. So why should I be any different?

Jacqueline’s performance as Servalan still stuns me. Grandeur, glamour, poise, and power, this is OTT scene chewing at its finest, and towers so high above the series itself that even people who have never seen Blakes 7, have heard of Servalan.

After the show, Jacqueline went on to star in Doctor Who (‘The Two Doctors’ since you ask), films such as White Mischief, and, more recently, has appeared on stage in Shadowlands, Shirley Valentine, and Witness For The Prosecution.

But what intrigues me most about Jacqueline is that for an actress who nailed such a big character like Servalan, the woman herself comes across as surprisingly shy and insecure.

Make sure you check out Jacqueline’s Blog where you’ll discover that she was born in Woking during the war; her mother walked out when she was 16 months old; she was educated in a convent; she originally wanted to be a ballerina but was too tall and had weak ankles; her first husband left her for Felicity Kendal, and she now lives in a cottage deep in the African bush with her beloved dogs and a lot of monkeys, only occasionally returning to England to act.

At times poignant, at times harrowing, this is one of the few actors’ blogs actually worth a read. It contains tons of stills of this beautiful, remarkable actress. I can’t recommend it enough.

And I wish you Ms Pearce  a very happy birthday … even if it is in another 11 months time …


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One Response to Intergalactic Space Babes – Jacqueline Pearce

  1. Tim White says:

    So, Mister All Knowledge-Containing-Brain Micro-Filums-Blogging Man: Why does Frau Servalan’s resume say “Blake’s 7 (2009)”?

    She bears an unheimlich likeness to myself, actually. I was born quite far from Woking, well after the war’s end; my mother walked out into the front garden after being pregnant with me for 16 weeks; I raised myself, most effectively, near a convent (case dismissed); I know two doctors (except for one of them); and — well, if I go one, everyon will know I’m neither Tim nor White.

    Bravo, brave son of Fionn mac Cumhaill!

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