Blog of Blogs: the Heff on Twitter

Don’t mean to bang on about Ken Levine’s blog, but he’s got a twist on the world I enjoy. Here he is on Hugh Hefner discovering Twitter:

He’s 84 years-old, looks like a wizened fungo bat, and thinks that hot 24 year-old girls like him for who he is – but you’ve gotta admit, Hugh Hefner lives the life. He’s got a mansion, naked girls running amuck, a game room, a grotto, a screening room – everything a man could possibly want (if that man is Glenn Quagmire).

Up until now only his elite friends and A-list celebrities were allowed inside those big gates that guard Debaucheryland. Mere mortals like you and me could only gawk from high-powered telescopes set atop the Beverly Glen Fire Station.

But us poor simps are not on the outside looking in anymore. No sir. Now Hef has included us in his coveted inner circle. Now we’re privy to his innermost thoughts. Because now… Hugh Hefner has discovered Twitter! And even better — somebody has taught him how to use it! I follow him.  I get vicarious thrills and more important, lots and lots of laughs.  So allow me to “re-tweet” as it were.  See what it’s like to lead the life of luxury, fantasy, and absurdity.

Check out the tweets here.


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One Response to Blog of Blogs: the Heff on Twitter

  1. Tim White says:

    Mr. Clamato, I must take umbrage. Wake up! “Hef” was long ago unmasked as a pure fake, not unlike Cake(TM) of “Czech-Neck” fame… but actually nothing like it/them. Actually, in this photo he’s played by actor Gareth Thomas. Elsewhere he’s been played by Don Rickles, Charles Nelson Reilly, John McMahon, Precious Princess Margareth Ramos, and Jacqueline Pearce. And yes, there IS a Blake’s 7 connection afoot, but for reasons of state security I can’t go into it here. (Still on the run, they’re after me for what I know — but the REAL danger is what I DON’T KNOW. Try sleeping with THAT, platonically of course.)

    You, Sir, should at least allow for the VERY REAL possibility that the thing we call Hugh Hefner perished ages ago in a tragic, flop-eared bus accident in Lisbon, Portugal, in western Europe.

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