Crime Fiction Perfection – Robert B. Parker

Just discovered Robert B. Parker – just in time to discover that he died earlier this year. Parker is probably most famous for his characters Jesse Stone and Spenser – we never learn Spenser’s first name. But what gets me is the man’s prose.

This is the first paragraph from ‘Blue Screen’, which stars female detective Sunny Randall:

MANY PEOPLE in Massachusetts thought Paradise was the best town in the state to own property in. Many people in Paradise felt that Stiles Island, off the tip of Paradise Neck, was the best place in town to own property. And most people on Stiles Island thought that an estate called SeaChase was the ugliest piece of property in the country. A few years back, a bunch of gunmen had blown up the causeway that connected Stiles Island to Paradise Neck, and pillaged the island. Only one of the gunmen got away, but he took most of the cash with him. Some people died, and the whole thing caused a selling panic, which a young man named Buddy Bollen was pleased to exploit. He had a ton of cash from some obscure dot-com deal, which he had escaped with when the dot-coms went belly-up. He bought half a dozen of the island’s biggest estates, demolished them, and built a single estate said to be bigger than Luxembourg.

Here’s a rough scan of the rest of the first chapter from Blue Screen in pdf format.

‘Blue Screen’ is published by No Exit Press (

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