Movie Update – and then some

Wrote the script for my next movie today, and then storyboarded it on Celtx. That really is a nifty bit of software. I’m still getting the hang of it, but I love the way you can play your storyboard back, and move everything around.

This is another stop motion production, but I’m moving away from dolls, and hopefully shooting outside. Unfortunately, we’ve got a plume of ash hanging overhead from the volcanic eruptions in Iceland. The light is terrible. But I’ve managed to scope a few locations, and hopefully will be able to run a few rehearsals tomorrow. Quite what the neighbours are going to think cos it’s a pretty strange idea …

Meanwhile, I’ve started researching my next Celebrity Deathwatch … this time featuring the Carry On crew. CD is turning into a popular series. I’m shocked at the amount of hits it generates. Hopefully enough people realize now that it’s all done tongue in cheek. I still get the odd email from folk who think I’m a goth with a deathwish.

Until I can share all this fun-fun-fun with you, here is an interview with writer and producer Lee Goldberg did with TV grandee Glen A. Larson. I knew Larson did Battlestar Galactica and Knightrider. I had no idea about his involvement with The Six Million Dollar Man, or that he came up with the idea for Alias Smith and Jones.

It’s a great interview, and at four and a half hours long should answer just about every question you ever had about this titan of TV.


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2 Responses to Movie Update – and then some

  1. Lee Goldberg says:

    Thanks for the plug for my interview!

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