Script Software – Celtx

I’ve always struggled to put together decent storyboards. In the past I tried several flavours of software such as Directors Boards, and StoryBoard, but none hit the spot.

This time I returned to a bit of kit called Celtx. I attempted to use it once before for a documentary I made last year called Golden Lily: A Secret History (see part one here, and part two here). At the time I found Celtx desperately unstable. After saving and quitting it had a nasty habit of opening a project with a blank document. Not much fun after hours of work.

Maybe it was just me, because Celtx is now superb. As well as an easy to use – and stable – storyboard function, it offers script templates for Film, A/V, Theatre, and Audio Play.

For a fee you can also set up a cloud-style Celtx Studio to save your project and share it with any computer, but I haven’t tried that yet. However, the basic suite is free and Mac, Windows and Linux compatible. Nice price!

Download it here.


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