Video Sharing Websites – Crunching the Numbers

As well as writing scripts and making movies I’m fascinated to learn how, and how well, the various video sharing platforms work. So I thought a breakdown of how my films have performed so far might help you choose where to put your own clips.


The best known, and the best performing by far. Statistically at least.

Barbie Gets A Lapdance’ is the most popular film with 1438 views.

A Very Barbie Christmas comes in 2nd with 1037 views.

Total video views stands at 3900.


Probably the second best known video sharing site on the net, and this shows in the stats.

Most viewed video is ‘Barbie Gets a Lapdance‘ with 238 views. Total video views: 2065.

The numbers might not seem huge, but I like this site. It’s informal. A nice community. Viewers take the trouble to rate clips. If you want a continuous trickle of views don’t discount Metacafe.


Disappointing at 34 views (Total). And they banned ‘A Very Barbie Christmas‘!


Not bad at 63 views (Total).

Yahoo! Video.

Terrible!  3 views (Total).


7 views and 11 embeds (Total).

So for once the hype doesn’t lie. Choose YouTube and Metacafe if you want serious numbers to check out your clips. At the same time, it is worth exploring the alternatives. Who knows, maybe one or more of Viddler, Yahoo! Video, Vimeo or Dailymotion might become more popular one day? Or your videos might fit a channel profile better than mine did.

I didn’t say this post was going to be definitive! But I’ve certainly learned a lot from familiarizing myself with such a broad range of sites. And gained a few viewers along the way.


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