June Whitfield – This Is Your Life

Of course, BBC 2’s festive tribute to comic actress June Whitfield was deserved and well-meaning. But could the rerun of her 1995 appearance on This is Your Life have been any more depressing?

By 1995 Terry Scott, her long-time acting  partner from Terry & June, had already succumbed to cancer. Each time a guest stepped on stage I suddenly realised: hey – that guy’s dead!

Reg Varney (died: 2008 ), Pat Coombs (2002 ), Frank Muir (1998), Leslie Crowther ( 1996), and most sadly of all for June, her own husband Tim Aitchison (died: 2001).

Thanks BBC. You really cheered me up!


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2 Responses to June Whitfield – This Is Your Life

  1. Pat Webb says:

    I totally agree with your comments. I realised soon after that mostly, if not all of the people are now dead (how depressing) as they were all really good celebrities and were part of my early life for so long. I had to find out the year of this is your life and find out who was still alive and who was not

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