Blog of the day – Celebrity Cosmetic Surgery

Emmy Award winning writer Ken Levine’s blog is always worth a look. Sunday’s update included an amusing list of what people Google to find his site. One of the key phrases turned out to be: ‘Steve Martin plastic surgery’. Which got me thinking …

Why the f**k would Steve Martin have plastic surgery!?

Not being a regular Heat reader I scurried off to Google and got royally sidetracked.

Check out this eye-popping feature by Julia Sommerfeld on msnbc  Pursuit of youth isn’t always pretty: Reality check on the war on wrinkles: Looking younger or just weirder‘.

Launch the slide show – top right. It’s truly terrifying. I think the before/after photos of Priscilla Presley are the most disturbing. How about you?

The entries are written by Dr. Tony Youn, a Michigan plastic surgeon who runs the Celebrity Cosmetic Surgery blog, which publishes vitally important information on Nicole Kidman’s new puppies, Maria Shriver’s botox brow, and the new BoTax to raise money for Obama’s Health Care reforms.

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3 Responses to Blog of the day – Celebrity Cosmetic Surgery

  1. What an interesting aricles you have. I’m looking forward for your incoming posts.

  2. John Tubbs says:

    I would say that it is very important for celebrities to preserve their natural beauty. Plastic surgery can create miracles with faces of people, but if it is done by highly experienced doctors, who know their business perfectly.

  3. these are the things you sacrifice for becoming a celebrity. Just find the best doctor and don’t ask too much.

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