Fearless Fourteen?

Fearless14Chilling out over a long hot weekend with my latest La E.

Which even with the sun beating down, proved the slowest of Janet’s books to warm me up. But you know what? I didn’t mind. Not one bit. Reading about Stephanie Plum going about her daily business is fun in itself. Evanovich clearly does a lot of research. It’s very readable.

Janet also has a rich cast to play with, and indeed rotate. This time Grandma pops up only fitfully. In this book Morelli is the main man in her life; Ranger on the periphery.

And then the story starts.

Which is where my interest ended. It’s always difficult to introduce a fictional megastar into your story – be they film star, rock star, or, in Brenda’s case a 61 year old country rock star. To my surprise Janet E does no better, although no worse, than any other author.

But then. Oh then. Stephanie Plum happens to open a suitcase she shouldn’t …

Anyone who knows this book will know the scene I’m referring to. And I have no intention of ruining it for those who haven’t. But for me, this is the point ‘Fearless Fourteen’ stands up out of the blocks and bolts, Usain-like, all the way to the line.

I not only laughed, I cared about everything that happening right to the end.

What a book. What a writer. Thank you Janet!


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