Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

TwelveSharp2Just finished ‘Twelve Sharp‘ the, uhhh, twelfth Stephanie Plum novel. What a delight. The puffs on the jacket …

Twelve Sharp shows why her novels have been called ‘hot stuff’ by the New York Times, and why the Sunday Telegraph said ‘Hooray for Janet Evanovich who continues to enliven the literary crime scene.’

… are painfully limp compared with the mental viagra of the actual writing here.

I love the way Janet positions her heroine between girly-helplessness, and brave, even reckless, bounty hunter. Wonderful light and shade which make our narrator compelling. As for Stephanie’s love life …

There is, however, a big jump between this story and ‘Lean Mean Thirteen‘. There’s a sheen and sophistication to the later novel hinted at here, but not quite grasped. Does this mean I should head back in the sequence to find out more about why Stephanie Plum is the way she is, or press on  with ‘Finger Lickin’ Fifteen’?

The truth is more prosaic. It’ll be whatever I can find in Malvern public library.


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