Screaming at Carry On

valeriaIt’s always amused me that my all-knowing American friends know nothing about the Carry On franchise. But then, how much do even we Brits know about Carry On?

As one fan observes: “The earlier films seem archaic today, the latter ones desperate and tired.” So it was with some trepidation that I decided to return to Carry on Screaming last night. After all, between the age of 7 and 13 this was probably my favourite film – closely followed by Carry on Cleo, Carry on Up the Khyber, and Carry on Doctor, Again.

A few too many summers on, would I still laugh at what I once thought was the best film ever made? No need to worry on that score. This is a gloriously silly film, beautifully put together, and very well acted. I laughed and laughed and laughed

I finally understand why people always used to bang on about what a wasted talent Harry Corbett was. They were right, I was wrong. This guy could really act. Admittedly, in a very ‘look at me I’m acting’ way, but very eye-catching. As for the script – I’d love to see what it looked like, and how it read, so if anyone knows how to get hold of a copy, please let me know. Critics often belabour the Carry On films’ infantile attitude to sex. But that’s the point, and why the Carry On films continue to be so popular. They have the same sexual age and attitude to sex as a 7 to 13 year old boy. It’s funny watching grown men acting like that.

Also, Fenalla Fielding changed my life.


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