Me & My Friends – Script Update

FriendsNever work with children, animals, to which I would like to add, or Dolls. Talk about a bunch of small-minded divas.

This has been the toughest script to shoot so far. No matter how often I rewrote the damn thing there were still bits missing when I came to film. Which taught me these important life lessons two.

  1. As a director it sometimes helps to read the actual script, instead of winging everything on the shoot in the mistaken belief that I know better than the crap on the page.
  2. As a writer never confuse the spec script with the shooting script. In the end I wrote down every action and angle I needed to film. I’ve not included this version of the script because it is almost impossible to read.

So here’s the spec script (filefactor, pdf). Hope to be able to post the resulting microfilum in the next few days.


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