Janet Evanovich – and the fatal flaw?

VisionsAsk and thou shalt sometimes get not quite what thou wants.

After all who could not desire more of the lean, mean writing machine that is Janet E? More accurately the question should be: is it a good idea to jam extra novellas about your heroine in between the main novels?

The first ‘between the numbers’ Stephanie Plum novella I stumbled across turned out to be ‘Plum Lucky’.  I have to say it left me slightly disappointed. Reducing the page count to the 150s seemed to compress the action so that EVERYTHING came across as OTT, rather than just the odd comic moment. Also, pushing Grandma Mazur – one of the great modern comic creations – to the centre of the book took away her main role as comic relief to the main action.

‘Visions of Sugar Plums’ on the other hand, with an even more implausible plot – without giving too much away elves and an electricity generating villain are involved –  is a far more satisfying read with several of those great, rushing laugh out loud in the air moments I associate with La E.

Sounds like I need to get my dirty hands on a few more plums, so I can decide once and for all.


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