Janet Evanovich – Love Goddess?

LeanWell I don’t know Janet well enough to confirm that piece of information. But having just finished ‘Lean Mean Thirteen‘ I can honestly say that here is the funniest writer I have stumbled across in far too long. Interesting plot with a twist I didn’t see coming, random car mutilation, exploding taxidermy, grave robbing, crooked lawyers, a Grandma from heaven or hell (depending on your take on life) – I hereby bend my knee and profess my love for bounty hunter Stephanie Plum. Does that mean one of her many boyfriends will come round and beat me up? Remember guys, I’m a lover not a fighter.

One of my favourite characters is Stephanie’s almost silent Mum –  hand forever reaching for another glass of wine as Grandma or Stephanie drive her another inch toward despair.

Check out Janet’s website here. The bio on how she started writing is as funny as one of her books. Meanwhile, I’m off to raid Malvern library. I need more Evanovich.


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