LEE CHILD – his hold increases

Lee_ChildPassed ‘Bad Luck and Trouble’ onto my Dad last night. I knew he would love it, and boy does he! After two pages he asked me: “I don’t get it. Why is this guy in a helicopter?” When I told him you find out on just about the last page he looked at me and then he looked back at the book. Since when he’s barely touched the Sunday papers. Today’s British Grand Prix was strictly a back ground affair.

The point is Lee Child did that to me. Now he’s done it to my Dad.

For a man who deals in very short sentences, Lee Child is pretty good at joined up writing.

I’ve just started ‘The Hard Way’ –


What he doesn’t have:

Driver’s licence; Federal benefits; tax returns; dependents

Isn’t some of that against the law?

Does this change the story at all?

A tricycle; Some sort of train mechanism that delivers hard boiled eggs to him on a tray in the morning; A chihuahua.


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