POT LUCK – Lee Child

Lee_ChildI used to love to buy books and DVDs on amazon or rent from lovefilms. But there was so much STUFF that I never found time to watch it all. So I forced myself to stop. Now I go to my local library in Malvern. Recently the library was renovated, a process which seemed to involve removing most of the books. Sometimes I find I have to accept ‘something similar’ rather than exactly what I had in mind – oh the suffering – but also I find I pick up stuff that I would never normally read. Lee Child’s ‘Bad Luck and Trouble’ is a good example of the second category.

The jacket is hilariously OTT:


September 11th changed Reacher’s drifter lifestyle in one practical way. As well as his folding toothbrush, he now carries photo ID. Yet he is still as close to untraceable as a human being in America can get. So when a member of his old Army unit finds a way to get a message to him, he knows it must be deadly serious: I want you to put the old unit back together.

You do not mess with the Special Investigators. They always watched each other’s backs. Now one of them has shown up dead in the California desert. And six others can’t be found at all.

You do not mess with Jack Reacher. His old buddies are in big trouble, and he won’t let that go. Not now, not ever.’

On balance I’ve decided not to mess with Jack Reacher. Not now. Not ever!

The last two sentences of the book are so cheesy I laughed out loud. The point is before I knew it I was THERE at the end of the book. Lee really knows how to structure a thriller – or Man Book to coin a phrase. No surprise to discover a copy of one of his books sells every second somewhere in the world.

Check out Lee’s website and this interview with him where he talks very honestly about his craft. I’ve already checked his next book out of the library!


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