OTHER PEOPLE – it’s official!

Title of my next microfilm is to be ‘Other People’. There I said it out loud. And since you ask – of course it is all about me.

Been putting off filming because the script involves me doing a VERY HAPPY WALK in public. Something I am not very happy about at all.

Production will begin once I finish shooting Random(er). Could be as early as next week. I’ve already scouted a couple of locations and blocked out a scene, which was  fun, except I attracted several odd looks as, very nervously, I began to practice my VERY HAPPY WALK.


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Writer & director.
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2 Responses to OTHER PEOPLE – it’s official!

  1. John McMahon says:

    Wow, I can’t imagine a “happy walk” but it does sound potentially devastating. Don’t fall!

    • microfilums says:

      Thank you John. I’m sorry to hear you can’t imagine a HAPPY WALK. Hopefully ‘Other People’ will help you move on with your life.

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