Facebook: God v Satan – 40,000 views

How disappointing. This moving tale of ‘chat gone bad’ has reached 40,000 views before it reached 200 ‘dislikes’. In fact, it is currently languishing on a frustrating 199 ‘thumbs down’.

Perhaps you would like to register your scorn …?

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100 Dislikes!

Go Christians!

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God Porn?

5200 views in two days, and 71 dislikes. It’s as if all these Christians are deliberately watching something they already know they won’t like, just so they can have the pleasure of disliking it themselves.

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Finally, I’ve made it.

The little film I made ‘Facebook – God v Satan: when chat goes bad’ has certainly whipped up a sh*tst*rm.

7190 views. 42 dislikes. And here are just a few of the comments:

This is a form of blasphemy …

This is so disrespectful to God. Breaks my heart.

Wow, this is so disrespectful …

But the comments aren’t all bad … or good, depending on your point of view:

This is hilarious, only Christians without a sense of humor wouldn’t find this funny.

HAHAHAH! God has ‘World of Warcraft’ bookmarked! xD

Why would God banish him to such a sweet place. Jersey is Awesome!

Decide for yourself …

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Not sure how … or why … but by far the most ‘niche’ film I’ve made just made 4000 views.

It also boasts the most number of thumbs ups for any Microfilum.

48 … if you’re counting …

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Evil Barbie Laughing – the everyday tale of … well … evil barbies laughing … just hit the big 8-0-0-0.


Saucepan alert!

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Intergalactic Space Babes – Claudia Christian

Claudia Christian is rightly worshipped for her portrayal of Lt. Cmdr. Susan Invanova, the hot headed, Russian, Jewish, bisexual, latent telepathic heart of Babylon 5.

But I’ve always thought that the real reason Claudia Christian has become such a cult favourite is not just down to her acting ability, charisma, or even her knock-out good looks.

No. Something else is at work here. Something that, for want of a better word, I’ve decided to call:


Claudia is the kind of actor who doesn’t merely roll up to a Sci Fi convention, collect her fee, scribble a few overpriced autographs, then disappear into the Green Room, never to be seen again.

Oh, no …

Claudia is the kind of actor who throws her own convention – a convention that puts the fans first. With an after party in a pub. Then it’s all back to her flat for a Tex Mex meal – cooked by her own fair hand.

Click here for more info about Claudia Con UK which is running 13 & 14 Aug in London (end of civilisation permitting).

Meanwhile, what better way to celebrate Claudia’s birthday than take another look at possibly the best sex scene in TV Sci Fi ever …


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Intergalactic Space Babes – Deidre L. Imershein

Even Star Trek buffs might struggle to remember Deidre L. Imershein.

Not me. To my eyes she is the embodiment of the Intergalactic Space Babe.

In the TNG episode ‘Captain’s Holiday‘ Deidre plays the beautiful female Risan valet, who is baffled that Picard says he wants to be alone, yet displays the Horga’hn – a local fertility symbol.

In the DS9 episode ‘Trials and Tribble-ations‘ Deirde plays Lieutenant Watley who takes a shine to Dr. Bashir, but may or may not be his great-grandmother.

Both are blink or you’ll forget them parts. Except I seem to have forgotten to do the forgetting part. Which is frustrating, because I’d like to know what Deidre is doing now, and if she’d like to do it with me. But tracking down information is proving difficult.

According to imdb Deirde also appeared in Dallas, and Cheers. Her final screen appearance was in Stephen J. Cannell’s ‘Silk Stalkings‘. Her most recent work is behind the camera, producing a short called Brushes with Life: Art, Artists and Mental Illness (2008).

If anyone has any more information about this fine actress and fabulous Intergalactic Space Babe please contact me. In the meantime, happy birthday Deidre!

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Intergalactic Space Babes – Lynda Carter

Lynda Carter is 60 today.

Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman. 
All the world’s waiting for you, 
and the power you possess. 

In your satin tights, 
Fighting for your rights 
And the old Red, White and Blue. 

Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman. 
You’re a wonder, Wonder Woman.

Need I say more? Except ‘Happy Birthday Lynda!’

Meanwhile, check out her wonderful naughty bits in ‘Bobby Joe and the Outlaw‘. Review here. Preview below.

Love the comment for this … And the reward for best rack in the ’70s goes to

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Intergalactic Space Babes – Lalla Ward

Incredible to think that Lalla Ward played the second reincarnation of Time Lady Romanadvoratrelundar (Romana for short) in a mere 11 Doctor Who stories – stretching from Destiny of the Daleks (Sept ’79) to the wonderful Stephen Gallagher’s wacky finale Warrior’s Gate (Jan ’81).

Man. I guess Time really did just move a helluva lot more slowly back then.

Unusually, Lalla appeared as another character in a previous episode in the Whoniverse before playing Romana.

Princess Astra in The Armageddon Factor, if you must know.

Even more unusually, Lalla was married to fourth Doctor Tom Baker in real life for 16 months. Here is the most famous outcome of their brief relationship – the Prime Computer ads.

On this, the birthday of surely the good Doctor’s most elegant and intelligent companion, here are a few more unusual facts about possibly my favourite Intergalactic Space Babe of them all:

  • Lalla is the daughter of Edward Ward, 7th Viscount Bangor, who was the BBC’s first foreign correspondent.
  • Lalla was introduced to future husband, evolutionary biologist and author Richard Dawkins by Douglas Adams at his 40th birthday party on 14th March 1992.
  • They married in September of the same year.
  • While playing Ophelia in a BBC production of Hamlet, Lalla was famously told by Patrick Stewart: ‘Why d’you do so much television? And of ALL things why science fiction?’
  • Lalla takes takes great pleasure in reminding Patrick of this every time they meet.
  • Though best known as an actress, Lalla is an accomplished artist.
  • Lalla has also published several books on sewing and embroidery.
  • Lalla calls her embroidery: ‘painting with a sowing machine.’
  • Lalla is besotted with lemurs.

Would you like to know more?

Then check out this audio interview from BBC Radio 4’s ‘Midweek’ (27 Jan 2010).

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